INTRO TO WRESTLING - Spring and Fall

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Come join the Brookline High School wrestling team and coaches for a FREE clinic and intro to the great sport of wrestling. BHS wrestlers and coaches conduct FREE clinics and demonstration of this wonderful sport.
The children will be put through a short warm-up and workout.  Then your child will learn some basic wrestling rules and apply easy to learn techniques in a safe and fun environment.
Parents will be introduced to the BHSW Mentorship program where High Schoolers work directly with youth wrestlers to coach and support them through to our Spring Scuffle and Fall Brawl Tournaments.

Our overall goal is to expand the wrestling community in Brookline and start a youth wrestling program and the clinic noted here, is just the first of several opportunities for your wrestler. In the Spring, the young wrestlers can continue advancing their skills in a 6 week Brookline recreation program led by the HS coaches and culminating with the opportunity to compete at the Brookline Spring youth wrestling tournament. The Fall events include a Free youth Clinic as well as the Fall Brawl Tournament.
We look forward to seeing everyone at the Spring and Fall events.
For additional details check out this article from Brookline Tab - Brookline High wrestlers mentor elementary and middle-school children
November 11 & 13 2019 6:00PM - 7:30PM
• During this 1-1/2 hour practices , youth will be introduced to the great sport of wrestling in a fun, safe environment.
• Young wrestlers will meet and be coached by members of the High School wrestling team
• Parents and children will learn about other Brookline wrestling opportunities: Brookline Fall Brawl Tournament  (Sun, November 17 @ 7:30am-3:30pm), and the Brookline High School wrestling program.
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Click the link below to sign up Free Clinic today!

Brookline Wrestling is building connections between middle and high schools through sport, community service, and school pride.
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